Greater North Jersey Chapter MS-100
   (Updated October 5, 2005)

BIG MIKE's MS-100 2005 Photo Page

       Welcome to the 2005 MS-100 Photo Page. You will see photos of Mike and photos from the Greater North Jersey Chapter MS-100 mile bike tour. Mike like to thank his friend and family from past and present for letting him borrow the digital camera to using a scanner. The photos you will see are from September 2005. Hope you enjoy the photos on this page.
       All photos on this page is in JPG color format. It is tagged. Must have permission to copy or paste any place else. Thank You!!

Here is the sign in tent Here are a bunch of cyclist signing in the morning for the 2005 MS-100 bike tour at the Verizon parking lot in Morristown, NJ. Sept 24th, 2005.

The well known Hertz Team Here are the well known cycling team. The Hertz has been around for a couple of years. Raising a lot of money for MS.

@nd rest stop on tour Mike passed the first rest stop. So here is the second rest stop of the MS-100 bike tour on Sept 24th, 2005.

Mike with two M & M Team members Big Mike here with two members from the M&M's team. I like M&M's. I like the jersey and like to have one. Anyway, this photo was taken at the 2nd rest stop on Sept. 24th, 2005.

Playing New Orleans Style music They be playing dixie music. New Orleans music at lunch on Sept. 24th, 2005.

This cyclist coming for lunch Here is a cyclist riding into lunch on Sept. 24, 2005.

My three friends Here three good friends. Jen and her father in front and her friend in the back. They are Mike's friends. We are relaxing at lunch on Sept. 24, 2005.

Here is Big Mike with MS Staff Jen Here is Big Mike with one of the MS Staff name Jen P. (She be a sweety) at the start line of the MS-100 at the Verizon parking lot on Sept. 24, 2005.

Big Mike entering into Bedminister, NJ Big Mike just left rest stop 2 and is on his way to lunch. First he has to cycle through Bedminister, NJ on the 2nd day of the MS-100.

Day one lunch Here is a photo of the first day lunch. Which Mike has reached at 10:18am on Sept. 24th.

Here is 2nd day lunch Now here is the second day lunch. Which Mike has reached about 11:15am on Sept. 25th.

Here is a wonderful DJ friend Big Mike here with a long time DJ friend. She has been playing awesome music for MS riders since the finish line use to be at the historic Port Jervis Train Station in Port Jervis, NY.

Horsey anyone Big Mike tried to talk to the horse for a ride to the finish line. This photo was taken on the 2nd day of the tour.

Water Fountian from 1st day lunch This photo is from the 1st day lunch on Sept 24th. You see cyclist enjoying the lunch break with the water fountian in the background. Their was swans in the pond also.

Stretching out before returning to his bike Mike got this shot on the first day on Sept. 24th. Mike got him to wave while he stretches out.

Mike in the Washington District Big Mike took this shot on the second day of the tour on Sept. 25th.

band plays at finish Here is a band playing at the MS-100 finish line in the Verizon Parking lot on James Street in Morristown, NJ.

Mike got this shot on a hill Mike got this shot from atop of a hill on the second day of the tour on Sept. 25th.

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