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   (Updated September 26, 2006)
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BIG MIKE's MS-100 2006 Photo Page

       Welcome to the 2006 MS-100 Photo Page. You will see photos of Mike and photos from the Greater North Jersey Chapter MS-100 mile bike tour. Mike like to thank his friend and family from past and present for letting him borrow the digital camera to using a scanner. The photos you will see are from September 2006. Hope you enjoy the photos on this page.
       Some photos are done by Westfield A/V. Thanks!
       All photos on this page is in JPG color format. About 300kb or more. It is tagged. Must have permission to copy or paste any place else. Thank You!!

where the MS rider sign in for MS-100 All the cyclist sign in for the Multiple Sclerosis 100 mile bike tour on September 16th.

Big Mike and MS Chapter Frank Lester Got Big Mike standing beside the MS Chapter President Frank Lester at the 2006 MS-100 bike tour.

This is where all the lauggage goes. Going to the Hilton. All those staying overnight at the Parsippanny Hilton is loading the bags onto the truck.

Bike Mike at the start line with a few of many friends in the MS-100 bike tour. Here is Bike Mike at the statrt line with a few of many good friends at the MS-100 bike tour.

This is the second rest on Sept 16th Mike made it to rest stop two. After going off course early in the morning. Mike did pass the first rest stop Sept. 16th.

Don't have a cow 2006 After the second rest stop. Mike got this photo. Don't have a cow! Is it a bull? Moo!!

Still in the spot where the cow is Here are a couple of MS cyclist coming down the road. I think he said MOOO to the cows!

Fountain at lunch A cool fountain at lunch. The swans was in the pond, but to far for the digital camera. Barely see it to the right of the water fountain.

Big Mike with a new cyclist friend Mike is sitting with a new friend he met at lunch on Sept. 16th. This cyclist is with a team.

Nice view for sure!! How you like this view Mike picked for a background shot. One of Mike's favorite photo.

Mike new friend that is apart of Christi Crew She is apart of a team called Christi Crew. Not cycling though. Posing with Big Mike.

Finish at Parsippany Hilton What the finish looks like at the Parsippany Hilton Sept 16th. Mike made it at 2:10pm.

Permission was granted for this photo They remember Mike from writing on the ground during the 2005 MS-100 tour. (permmission granted by parents to show this photo)

Z-100 Party Patrol at the MS-100 BBQ Z-100 Party Patrol came to the MS100 BBQ at the Parsippany Hilton on the eveing of September 16th. Mike had fun by dancing and eating the BBQ food.

Mike and his mother Here is Bike Mike and his mother enjoying the MS-100 BBQ at the Hilton saturday evening of Sept. 16th.

Before the MS Speech! Here is a shot from inside one of the meeting area. A slideshow, the speech and the comedy show. Saturday night of Sept 16th.

Breakfast sunday morning of Sept 17th. What you see now is sunday morning of September 17th. Breakfast time for all MS volunteers and riders.

Tuning bikes before the 2nd day ride Outside in back of the Hilton. Filling tires to tuning the bike. Getting ready for the second day ride.

Montclair Bikery manager Tim Here is my friend Tim volunteering his time to help keep all the MS riders bike in shape for the bike tour. Tim is the manager of Montclair Bikery bike shop located on Valley Road in Montclair, NJ.

Bikers ready for the 2nd day ride Here are a bunch of cyclist getting ready for a long 2nd day ride to Morristown, NJ.

Big Mike with Christi Crew Big Mike with the now well known MS team called Christi's Crew. The girl right of Mike . . . her mother has MS. The one with the army socks on. Oh yeah! The photo was shot at the first rest stop on Sept. 17th.

First rest stop of Sept 17th Mike made it to the first rest stop on the 2nd day.

This cyclist with eyes This MS cyclist got eyes behind his head. 1st rest stop on day two.

HAY! HAY . . . HEY . . . HAY . . . Whatever!! Mike took this shot half way to lunch on second day.

By the HAY farm Here is a cyclist about to pass Mike. Next to the farm.

2nd day lunch This is lunch in the Bedminister, NJ area. Just south and east of where Route 78 and Route 287 cross path.

Another shot from lunch Here is another shot of the lunch area on Sept 17th.

The finish line area Here is where the BBQ food is at the finish line in Morristown, NJ. At 445 South Street.

Fionish line photo 2 This is another finish area photo.

Some cyclist finishing Here are a few MS cyclist coming into the finish line.

Bike Mike posing for camera Here is Bike Mike posing for the camera at the finish line banner.

Couple MS riders relaxing Here are a couple of MS rider relaxing from two days or pedaling.

Big Mike holding his own banner sign Bike Mike holding his own banner sign. Showing off how much he raised and how long he been with the chapter. $1,323.00 and been with the MS Greater North Jersey Chapter since 1990. Photo taken at the start line Sept. 16th.

Big Mike pedaling away A cool photo of Mike pedaling along from Sept 16th.

Another cool photo of Mike Another great photo of Big Mike cycling along in the MS-100 bike tour.







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