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   (Updated October 6, 2007)

BIG MIKE's MS-100 2007 Photo Page Two

       Welcome to the 2007 MS-100 Photo Page. You will see photos of Mike and photos from the Greater North Jersey Chapter MS-100 mile bike tour. Mike like to thank his friend and family from past and present for letting him borrow the digital camera to using a scanner. The photos you will see are from September 2007. Hope you enjoy the photos on this page.
       All photos on this page is in JPG color format and 300 kb size or more. It is tagged. Must have permission to copy or paste any place else. Thank You!!
       Happy 20th Anniversary MS Greater North Jersey Chapter MS-100.

Bike Mike and friends Bike Mike and his good friends in the MS-100. Mike always looks for them. He would not be happy if they was to not be in the bike tour.

Getting ready for the comedy show The room fills up. MS riders, MS volunteers and MS staff ready for the speeches and comedy show.

MS slideshow A bunch of photos from the first day bike tour. This is one of the slideshow frame.

Frank Lesher speaking The person talking on the microphone is Frank Lesher. The MS Greater North Jersey Chapter President.

The first comedian on stage This is one of two comedians that came to make us all laugh. The name of the first comedian is Sandy Marks.

2nd comedian on stage Here is the headliner comedian. His name is Rodney Laner.

Bike Mike Greg The guy next to Bike Mike is the real MS biker vet in the MS 100. He has been to all 20 MS 100 bike tour. Bike Mike so far has been in the MS 100 at least 16 times. Oh yeah . . . his name is Greg. Smile!!

Bike Mike and MS Staff Jen Hivry The photo you see is of Jen Hivry and Bike Mike saturday night at the Parsippany Hilton.

sunrise form Mike's window First time to ever see a wonderful sunrise from the Hilton or from any MS 100 bike tours. Hope to have the same room in 2008 to see another awesome sunrise. Sunday, September 16, 2007 at 6:47am.

breakfast time Mike got to breakfast a bit late. Was working on his cell phone navigation up in his room. Here is what the breakfast line looks like at about 7:03am.

Having breakfast At about 7:42am, Mike was still eating breakfast. Not many bikers in the huge room.

2nd day first rest stop At about 8:59am, Mike made it to the first rest stop on the second day of the MS 100.

Still at 2nd day first stop Still at the second day first rest stop.

3rd photo at first rest stop on seocnd day Another photo at the first rest stop on the seocnd day of MS 100.

Wayne Police in da house The Wayne police has been helping with the MS 100 bike otur the past couple of years. Makign sure us bikers are safe. First rest stop on Sept. 16, 2007.

next to a farm A couple of bikers cycling along a farm on Sept. 16, 2007 about 9:28am.

Mike's bike and two donkeys Here are two farm animals in the shot with Mike's bicycle. Lucky Bear enjoying the view and the ride.

Along a river Say about 9:47am on Sept. 16, 2007. Mike was in the Far Hills area of NJ. Cycling along the Raritan River.

Awesome hill view Mike took this shot of two hill with a river flowing in the middle.

Bikers cycling along the river A couple of MS bikers cycling on a narrow road along the Raritan River in the Far Hills area.

Stretching out here She be stretching out with a smile.

Rest stop at Far Hills Rialroad Station Took this photo at 10:22am at the Far Hiils Railroad Station in Far Hiils. Before getting a slow leak in the front tire.

Working on Mike's bike Brendan from Cycle Craft working on Bike Mike's front wheel at the Far Hiils rest stop at 10:36am.

Photo on Airport Road Here are a couple of MS bikers cycling on Airport Road. Out of view to the left is the small grass field airport.

Mike with a glider How cool is this? Standing next to a glider plane that is aobut to take off. Taken at 11:36am.

Deion, Mike and Greg at lunch Here at the second day lunch is Bro Deion, Bike Mike and Greg. Greg is the one that cycled all 20 of the MS 100 bike tour.

Members from Christi's Crew Here are a few members from the Christi Crew at the Millington Railroad Station at 2:00pm.

MS staff and MS volunteers cheering MS Staff and volunteers cheering on bikers coming into the finishing line in Morris, NJ. (Morristown)

A shot of poster along the finish line Here is a shot of a couple of poster that is along the finish line.

Bike Mike's World Yup! Mike wrote this up in the parking lot of the finish line.

He made it for sure Here's a MS cyclist that made it to the finish at 2:55pm.

Mike with Z100 mic block Bike Mike pretends to be on the air. He also wishes he has the WHTZ radio mic flag towards his collection.

How much did Mike riase for MS? Bike Mike and Jen Hivry hodling up the poster. Mike raised $1,314.00 for Multiple Sclerosis. Mike's personal second highest he ever raised for MS-100.

Say cheese Ummmmmm . . . . . . say Bike Mike!! Photo taken at the finish line.

MS volunteers and MS staff MS staff and volunteers making sure you sign in at the finish line. Get your medal and goody bag.

MS medals How you like to have one of these cool medals?

More finishing Here are more bikers coming to finish at 3:44pm.

Goody bags The MS goody bags at the finish line.

Wider shot of the finish area. A wider shot of the finish area. Finish area was at the Verizon Wireless parking lot in Morristown, NJ.

Mike in front of Z-100 van Bike Mike standing in front of the WHTZ Z-100 van with his awesome bicycle. On the bicycle is Lucky Bear.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! The End Folks! See ya next in 2008. I think this photo says it all.

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