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   (Updated October 12, 2008)
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BIG MIKE's MS-100 2008 Photo Page One

       Welcome to the 2008 MS-100 Photo Page. You will see photos of Mike and photos from the Greater North Jersey Chapter MS-100 mile bike tour. Mike like to thank his friend and family from past and present for letting him borrow the digital camera to using a scanner. The photos you will see are from September 2008. Hope you enjoy the photos on this page.
       All photos on this page is in JPG color format. It is tagged. Must have permission to copy or paste any place else. Thank You!!

Jason and Big Mike at Applegate Farm Photo of Jason from Applegate Farm and Big Mike Dowd. Applegate Farm gave a huge pledge. Which made Mike break his personal pledge record. "Mike is doing a great job", said Jason.

Mike's favorite hat What is she doing with my favorite hat. SMILE! This young lady is helping MS bikers with directions and some questions.

two cyclist preparing These two cyclist are praparing to cycle 50 miles saturday morning.

Big support from Wanye Police The BIG support from Wayne Police. They be the coolest.

What they packing What they packing is your bags. Bag or bust to Parsippany Hilton.

Bike Mike strikes a pose Bike Mike posing at the start line at 8:02am.

Photo after start line Mike took this photo after he crossed the start line at 8:03am.

Chatham rest stop Here we are at the first rest stop at the Chatham Municipal Building. Photo taken at 8:53am.

Another first stop photo Another first rest stop photo. Have you noticed the carrying in the back of the photo. 8:53am.

Two cyclist checking out route map Checking out the bike tour route from the first rest stop.

A rooster jersry I think that is a rooster jersey.

MS volunteers A few of the many great volunteers cheering at all the rest stops in the MS-100.

Congratulated Big Mike on Eagle This is a good cyclist. Congratulated Big Mike on making Eagle Scout. Thanks!

Couple of cyclist coming into rest stop A couple of cyclist coming into the second rest stop at 10:08am.

A few MS volunteers Here are a few of the great MS volunteers. You will be great with a BIG smile. Wait....the one on the right blinked! HELLOOOOOOO!!!!

Fill up on snacks and drinks Time to fill up on snacks and drinks from the second rest stop.

low bicycle Big Mike could not cycle 170 mile or the 100 mile MS bike tour on this low riding bicycle. It gotta be tough cycling up a big hill or up a bridge.

Awesome view After leaving rest stop two. Mike took this shot at 10:43am. Is this awesome or what. This is one of many rewards of cycling. See what you are missing?

Cyclist passing Big Mike A MS cyclist passing Big Mike at 10:43am. With many cyclist not far behind him.

Lunch Time!!!! LUNCH TIME!!!!! Big Mike took this shot at 10:54am. Kind of warm out. The sun being out is making things warmer.

A couple of cyclist in the shade Here are a couple of cyclist enjoying there lunch time in the shade. With the pond in the background.

Thinking lunch Wonder if this MS cyclist is thinking lunch.

Rest Stop 3 sign Nice sign! SMILE!!!

Noisy bunch Make as much noise as you can. The noise is coming from lunch. YEAH!!!!

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