Greater North Jersey Chapter MS-100
   (Updated October 12, 2008)

BIG MIKE's MS-100 2008 Photo Page Two

       Welcome to the 2008 MS-100 Photo Page. You will see photos of Mike and photos from the Greater North Jersey Chapter MS-100 mile bike tour. Mike like to thank his friend and family from past and present for letting him borrow the digital camera to using a scanner. The photos you will see are from September 2008. Hope you enjoy the photos on this page.
       All photos on this page is in JPG color format. It is tagged. Must have permission to copy or paste any place else. Thank You!!

These riders ready for lunch Coming in for lunch

Leaving lunch These guys ready to leave the first day lunch.

Bike mike posing in front of a water fountain Here is Bike Mike with a nice photo with the water fountain as a back drop.

first day rest stop four At 12:24pm...Mike took this photo at rest stop four.

Say HI! A few more volunteers at rest stop four.

Sign In!! All MS bikers has to sign in to get a room at Parsippany Hilton.

Great MS Staff More great people from the MS Greater North Jersey Chapter. Always with a smile!!

Big Mike and Barbra The wonderful person you see next to Big Mike. Her name is Barbra. She is a great young lady. Barbra has Multiple Sclerosis. Big Mike would like to cycle for Barbra for the MS-170 and the MS-100 in 2009. Barbra was there to great all the cyclist as they come in. To thank them in person for riding. What do you think I am riding for. Big Mike ride for people that has MS. He rides for people like Barbra.

Dinner A view of the BBQ behind the Hilton saturday evening. The tents you see in the photo. they are vendors that support MS.

High Gear Cyclery This is one of the vendors. High Gear Cyclery was holding a raffle for a $7,000 u.s. dollar Lance Armstrong Trek Madone replica bicycle.

WDHA radio This is a college radio station. Am I right. They support the MS Society also. Second year coming to the MS BBQ.

Mike Likes It!! Big Mike posing with the replica bike of Lance Armstrong Trek Madone bicycle. What a beauty!!!!

Wayne Police Gotta mention them again. Wayne Police are doing a great job with support all around.

Yummy!! Got to check out the burger. It is huge! Taste great also.

Mike's Drawing Here is what the drawing says. "Light At The End Of The Rainbow For MS". Going to be a cure for MS in the near future. Never give up!

door hanger Every room door had this. Says, "Thank you for Biking Towards a World Free of MS"

the room Here is what the room looks like. Mike has a roommate. He forgot his name. The bike you see is the roommate's bike.

door message The reverse side of the door hanger said, "Bike MS Ride 2009 September 12 and 13, 2009".

Ricardo and his partner Have knwon Ricardo for awhile now. He volunteers i nthe MS events for a long time now. Here he is with his little noisy partner.

Sunday's breakfast A wide view of sunday morning breakfast at 7:27am

Low Rider again How she do it? Gotta have strong legs to ride this sort of bicycle.

Timbo Holy Cow! It is Tim from Montclair Bikery bike shop. One of the bike techie owes a rap song for Big Mike's website. SMILE!!

Preparing to start This team is getting ready to begin the second day ride.

The greatest flag in the world. Stands for freedom Singing the American Anthem.

Ready one Everyone is siked to cycle for the second day. Even though it will be pretty warm and humid.

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