Greater North Jersey Chapter MS-100
   (Updated October 24, 2009)

BIG MIKE's MS-100 2009 Photo Page Three

       Welcome to the 2009 MS-100 Photo Page. You will see photos of Mike and photos from the New Jersey Metro Chapter MS-100 mile bike tour. Mike like to thank his friend and family from past and present for letting him borrow the digital camera to using a scanner. The photos you will see are from September 12 and 13, 2009. Hope you enjoy the photos on this page.
       All photos on this page is in JPG color format and is 120kb size and more. It is tagged. Must have permission to copy or paste any place else. Thank You!!
       Happy 22th Anniversary MS New Jersey Metro Chapter MS-100.

Here are two cyclist stopping to chat before entering for lunch.

Here is the park enterance view. This is the lunch view form the second day. cool looking horse.

Mike poses with the WDHA radio van.

Here is the view of lunch area at 11:48am.

Here is WDHA radio playing music and giving away prizes. Well, you have to win to get prizes first.

Hey . . . Mike is single. In case you wanna know. SMILE !!!

This is one of the Rugrat characters on Kristen's helmet. Photo taken at lunch spot.

A female EMT offical thought the guy passed out when the female EMT first turned her head. He was just goofing off.

This is the final rest stop of the day. Photo taken at 1:21pm.

As you can see in the photo. The final rest sotp was at the Millington Railroad Station.

Ya-hoooooo !!! Mike reached the finish line at 2:19pm. This cyclist in the photo made it at 2:22pm.

Wonder where Mike's bag is?

Here is another cyclist finishing the tour at @:52pm.

Here is Bike Mike Dowd posing at the finishline.

MS staff posing for the camera. They was checking in all the bikers coming to the finish line.

Gotta try the swedish meatball next year. The swedish meatball is awesome !!! Really !! Hands down on this one. Ask Jen Hivry at the MS Paramus office on this one. She will tell you the full info on this one.

Get to finally relax. After cycling 50 or 100 miles. All for a good cause. Some will have aches and pain. But they all go away after awhile. For those that has multiple sclerosis. Does not easily go away.

The End folks! That be all for now. Hope you enjoy the photos. Maybe Mike will see you in a New Jersey MS bike tour in 2010. As it will be Mike's 18th time.

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