Mid-Jersey Chapter MS 170 Photos
   (Updated May 29, 2003)

BIG MIKE's Photo Page Two

       Welcome to the Photo Page Two. You will see photos of Mike and photos from the "Coast the Coast" 170 mile bike tour. Mike like to thank his friend Mr. Selese for letting him borrow the digital camera and tranfering all the photos. The photos you will see are from May 17 and 18, 2003. Hope you enjoy the photos on this page.
       All photos on this page is in JPG color format. It is tagged. Must have permission to copy or paste any place else. Thank You!!

parking lot for bikes Need a parking spot for your bike. Can not park in this hallway. Photo taken inside of Pineland Regional High School the evening of May 17, 2003.

Mike and two silly hats Big Mike and two of his new friends wearing silly hats on there helmet. Photo taken on May 18, 2003 at Linwood Masonic Temple Rest Stop.

Big Mike and Gina M. Big Mike and Gina M. on May 18, 2003. At the Port Republic Rest Stop by the Garden State Parkway. Gina M. is the Mid-Jersey Chapter bike tour director. Her and the rest of the chapter staff are wonderful.

Breakfast on May 18, 2003 Breakfast time the morning of May 18, 2003. The time of this shot was around 6:45am. I (Big Mike) stood on a chair to get this shot.

Mike and the Oldies 100 radio van Big Mike standing next to the Jersey Shore radio station van called Oldies 100. Oldies 100 was at the Recreation Station on Main Ave in Toms River. Mike also won a t-shirt. He gave it to his friend. Mike had no place to put it. Photo taken on May 17, 2003 at lunch.

Point Pleasant Beach sign This photo is to show that Mike is about to enter in the town of Point Pleasant Beach. All he has to do is cross over the route 35 bridge. In 2000, the bridge was up for a big boat to pass under it. That is on video though. Photo taken on May 17, 2003.

Repairing Mike's flat rear wheel My friend #582 (sorry I forgot your name) helped me fix my back wheel. I gotten a flat in Sea Isle City. There was a construction site I passed. Bet I gotten staples in the rear tire from it. After the rear tire fixed. Got a slow leak in the front tire.

photo on the route 152 bridge Here is a photo of a couple of MS bikers climbing to the top of route 152 bridge on May 18, 2003.

MS biker passing the Sea Isle City water tower Smile folks!! Your in Sea Isle City. Took this shot of a biker passing the water tower. After taking the shot. I realized I got a flat and started to drizzle afterwards.

Drawing of Mike's pledge meter on a poster board Here is Mike's pledge meter on a poster board the night before the bike tour.

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