Mid-Jersey Chapter MS 170 Photos
   (Updated June 10, 2006)

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BIKE MIKE 2006 Photo Page

       Welcome to the 2006 MS-170 Photo Page. You will see photos of Mike and photos from the "Coast the Coast" 170 mile bike tour. The photos you will see are from May 20 and 21, 2006. Hope you enjoy the photos on this page.
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The start line Here is the shot of the new start line. Which is now at the Monmouth University in West long Branch, NJ.

First rest stop Here is the first rest stop. Which is in Belmar this year.

Bikers coming into Belmar rest stop A couple of bikers coming into the Belmar rest stop. The ocean to the right. Just past the tiny bit of rain.

Point Pleasant rest stop This is the Pt. Pleasant rest stop. The Perk's Cafe that is.

Mike at the Perk's Cafe rest stop Here is Mike at Perk's Cafe in Point Pleasant Beach.

Route 37 bridge Mike stopped half way up the Route 37 bridge to get this shot. The background is Seaside Heights.

Mike friend Leo Here is Big Mike, Leo in white and the rest of Leo's friend. This is at the Washington Street School in Toms River.

Live music for lunch This is lunch in Lacey Township, NJ. Live music during lunch. This band playing all 1960's music.

Cyclist at rest stop after lunch Here is a cyclist coming in to the rest stop after first day lunch.

Mike went boink to the floor This photo of Mike was taken 15 to 20 minutes after finishing the first day ride. Which is in Tuckerton, NJ. He is relaxing ontop of his sleeping bag in the gym.

Mike and former Belleville resident Mike bumped into a new friend. He said he started riding when he saw one of Mike's article in the Belleville Times three years ago. Cool!!

Mike having dinner Lots of pasta for Mike please. Reading the area newspaper and relaxing.

Mike showing off by holding the MS banner Mike took this banner to show his support for Multiple Sclerosis. Was taken after dinner.

Tents outside Here are a couple of bikers that will be sleeping outside. Out on the baseball field. You have three choices to stay overnight. The gym wrestling mat, your own tent out back or Long Beach Island hotels. You would have to pay for the bus and hotel though.

Marie, Mike and Gina Here is the photo sunday morning. Before everyone started the ride. Here is Marie, Mike and Gina.

Mile marker 104 Here is mile marker 104 at the Port Republic rest stop.

A bunch of bikers at Port Republic rest stop Here are a couple of MS bikers at the Port Republic rest stop. The back left of the picture is the Garden State Parkway.

A cool photo of Bike Mike A really cool photo of Bike Mike. Which was taken by a pro (a friend) just after leaving Port Republic rest stop. Like it!!

Now entering Linwood Mike is now entering the township of Linwood, NJ. The next rest stop on the second day tour.

Mike and EMT volunteer This guy was at three rest stop. Like following Mike. Wind up becoming friends. Bad news is that Mike forgot his name. This photo taken at the Linwood rest stop.

The Route 152 bridge A few MS bikers coming up the Route 152 bridge.

Mike on top of the Route 152 bridge A nice picture of Mike on top of the Route 152 bridge. See the boat to the left.

Atlantic City from Route 152 bridge Here is a shot of Atlantic City from the Route 152 bridge. See the buildings in the distance.

Mike in Avalon, NJ Mike at the rest stop in Avalon, NJ.

A really long road This is one of the straightest longest road in the tour and the wind did not make it any better on the second day of the tour.

Wildwood, NJ Made it to Wildwood, NJ. The picture of the roller coaster is on the boardwalk of Wildwood. The final rest stop is next. After the Wildwood rest stop is the finish line.

Finally the finish line is in view Mike rode to the finish line with Vitamin Shoppe team. Then stopped to take this picture of the finish line.

Loading the bus Loading the bus up with the bikes. The bags and the front wheel goes up on the seat. First Mike went to have a BBQ and listen to DJ Fred music.

Photo from the bus Mike took this picture from the bus. The bridge you see was part of the bike route a couple of years ago. Mike remembers it was foggy out on that sunday morning. While cycling over this long flat bridge.

Bike Mike in the local paper Mike was interviewed by the local Belleville Times on May 22nd, 2006. Then made front page on May 25th, 2006. Never had a picture that big before in the front page of any newspaper. Wow!!

Photo by a good photogragher Friend name John Montalvo took this picture of Mike. He works for the Belleville Times. He takes awesome photos. Should see his work.

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