Mid-Jersey Chapter MS 170 Photos
(Updated June 8, 2007)

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BIKE MIKE 2007 Photo Page One

       Welcome to the 2007 MS-170 Photo Page. You will see photos of Mike and photos from the "Coast the Coast" 170 mile bike tour. The photos you will see are from May 19 and 20, 2007. Hope you enjoy the photos on this page.
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Bike Mike Dowd 2007 cycling number To start this photo tour is Bike Mike's cycling number #43.

WNBC 4 Weather Chris Cimino and Bike Mike at Monmouth University Start area Here is a photo of Bike Mike and Chris Cimino from WNBC 4 NY.

A bunch of MS cyclist waits A bunch of MS 85 and MS 170 waits to start the 2007 "Coast the Coast" bike tour.

Scenes from the start line in Monmouth University Here is a shot from the start line.

bike mike at the start line The one and only Bike Mike at the start line at Monmouth University.

Bike Mike's 2007 poster The poster you see made it on NBC saturday morning show called "Today" at 8:05am dst. From the start line at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, NJ. May 19, 2007. Mike got another check in the mail after the bike tour. Mike is now at $2,040.00 in pledges.

A line to walk on a bridge Bike Mike never had to wait to walk over a small foot bridge. Took a bit.

On the walking bridge Finally on the walking bridge. On the way to Belmar, NJ rest stop.

The Belmar rest stop one on May 19, 2007. Here is the shot from the rest stop in Belmar, NJ.

Live band music at first day lunch Cool to have lunch with a live band playing. This band was plating 60's and 70's classics.

Some shots of MS bikers at lunch Here are some random MS bikers at the first day lunch stop.

A MS cyclist wearing A Discovery Team jersey. Bike Mike has two favorite cycling jersey that he likes. The one this MS cyclist is wearing is the Discovery Team jersey. The other one Mike likes is the M&M's cycling jersey. Anyway, This is from the lunch stop.

Shot from outside of the lunch stop A couple of MS cyclist chatting away. Waiting to have there bikes serviced by Beacon bike shop.

On route 539 - cyclist Bike Mike stopped on Route 539 in Warren Grove, NJ. To take some photos. A forrest fire struck this area of New Jersey a week before the "Coast the Coast" bike tour. All MS offical and cyclist was worried. But things worked out for the best.

forrest fire line The firemen started this part. To create a fire line.

A cyclist on Route 539 in Warren Grove, NJ Here is a cyclist cycling on Route 539 south through Warren Grove, NJ.

The burnt area from forrest fire Mike took this shot looking west southwest direction of Route 539 in Warren Grove, NJ. Looking in the direction of where the fire started from. This photo taken during the first day of the 170 mile bike tour.

MBike Mike with burnt out forrest from fire Here is the one and only Bike Mike on Route 539 in Warren Grove, NJ. With the burnt out forrest from the forrest fire. Photo taken on saturday afternoon of May 19, 2007.

Bike Mike adding new friends A family here volunteering in the MS 85 and MS 170 mile bike tour. This photo was taken near the end of the end of the first day. The new route to Tuckerton.

Nice shot of Bike Mike Mike's new friends above took this shot of Bike Mike. Using Mike's camera. Thanks!

Here is where Bike Mike sleeping Here is where Bike Mike been sleeping for this bike tour for years. Before taking this photo. It poured like cats and dogs outside. Some bikers still on the road got caught in the crazy downpour.

May 20th morning breakfast This shot was taken during sunday morning of May 20th, 2007. Everyone having breakfast about 6:54am.

Find a cure for MS This board says it all folks.

Two MS offcial talking Here are two MS staff talking about what is planned for sunday.

Time to get that bike ready A lot of cyclist getting there bike ready for the long ride to the finish. Beacon bike shop is one of a few awesome bike shop that sponsored to help out for the tour.

Bicycles! Bikes are ready to roll out on the the road on this sunday, May 20th, 2007 at 6:59am.

Mike is in the swamp on a bridge Mike pose for the camera on a bridge. With a awesome view of the swamp or marsh on sunday morning of May 20th.

A couple of MS bikers enjoying the view The lady in the photo took the photo for me. Thanks! They are also on the bridge enjoying the view.

The plan buzzing low in the air! This plane sprays the area of Gypsy Moth. But it was doing so while the tour was cycling through. Flying low! At times to about 100 foot off the ground at the rest stop a mile up the road.

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