Mid-Jersey Chapter MS 170 Photos
(Updated June 16, 2008)

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BIKE MIKE 2008 Photo Page One

       Welcome to the 2008 MS-170 Photo Page. You will see photos of Mike and photos from the "Coast the Coast" 170 mile bike tour. The photos you will see are from May 17 and 18, 2008. Hope you enjoy the photos on this page.
       All photos on this page is in JPG color format. Must have permission to copy or paste any place else. Thank You!!

Bike Mike's MS number on his cycling jersey This is Bike Mike's MS number (#74) on the jersey.

Phillip and Big Mike Phillip Nobile and Bike Mike shaking hands at the local Belleville Rotary Club.

All cyclist has ti register for all bike tours The gym at Monmouth University at 7:39am. Where all the cyclist has to turn in whatever money and sign in or register. Plus some business showing off products around the gym.

Okay! Big Mike forgot the guys bname standing next tim him. But he is a good perosn for sure. Silly Mike has forgotten the guy name next time him. But he is a good person for sure.

registration table A photo of some cyclist at the registration table in the gym.

MS Staff on megaphone Did this MS staff just say . . . "WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM."

volunteer t-shirts A shot of the MS volunteer orange T-shirts.

Bike To Create A World Free Of MS A row of MS banner that reads "bike to create a world free of MS". Let's find a cure soon.

Mike and a big hat A cool photo of Bike Mike wearing a really BIG hat. This is the size of Mike's Brain. SMILE!!

Mike in front of the MS banner You see Mike standing in front of the Rows of MS banners.

first rest stop on the tour Mike took this photo of a cyclist coming into the first rest stop of the tour. Which is in Belmar, NJ on May 17th at 8:51am.

team pose for the camera at the first rest stop. One of many cool teams posing for the camera at the first rest stop.

Mike takes a pic of himself Mike took a photo of himself at the first rest stop of the bike tour.

MS cyclist comes into the first rest stop A cyclist coming to take a break at the first rest stop.

Snack up time at first rest stop It is time to snack up on energy.

Belmar, NJ beach Across the street from the first rest stop is the beautiful beach. at 8:56am.

Stuck at a red light A couple of cyclist and I are stuck at a long red light at a busy intersection at 9:37am.

Brielle Cyclery rest stop The Brielle Cyclery bike shop rest stop at 10:02am.

Centennial Park rest stop Two cycilst with crazy outfit and bike helmet at the Centennial Park rest stop at 11:14am.

Mike took another shot of himself Mike took this shot of himself at Centennial Park. The beach for the bay in the background.

Mike on Route 35 south Mike is at the sign at 11:31am. Where you either go stay on Route 25 for Seaside Heights or go right Route 37 for Toms River.

Couple of cyclist passing Mike A couple of bikers passing Mike on Route 35 south.

Toms River rest stop A couple of MS bikers coming into the Washington Street School in Toms River rest stop at 12:16pm.

Cedar Creek rest stop This is the lunch spot at 12:56pm. The Lacey Township Cedar Creek.

More photos at Cedar Creek rest stop Couple of bikers relaxing outside at the Cedar Creek lunch stop.

lunch inside of Cedar Creek Here a couple of bikers from Team Vitamin Shoppe posing for the camera.

other bikers having lunch More bikers relaxing and stocking up on lunch.

Where bikers can leave messages for others This is a message board. To leave messages for friend or family that you was already there.

At the Ocean Vo-Tech rest stop This is Ocean Vo-Tech rest stop on a long road to the finish of the first day at 2:28pm.

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