Mid-Jersey Chapter MS 170 Photos
(Updated June 16, 2008)

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BIKE MIKE 2008 Photo Page Three

       Welcome to the 2008 MS-170 Photo Page. You will see photos of Mike and photos from the "Coast the Coast" 170 mile bike tour. The photos you will see are from May 17 and 18, 2008. Hope you enjoy the photos on this page.
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These guys are in charge of all bikers bags Photo taken at 7:36am. Two guys in the truck are in charge of all the bikers bags.

Smile Folks!! Taken at 7:36am. The lady in the middle is Mike's long time friend. She is a EMT volunteer. Standing in the middle of a couple of MS bikers.

Bikers chatting before riding A few MS riders getting a pep talk before leaving at 7:43am.

Lower Bank Tavern rest stop Some bikers coming into the Lower Bank Tavern rest stop and the rest keeps on going at 8:25am.

Vitamin Shoppe cyclist coming to rest stop A Vitamin Shoppe cyclist coming into the Lower Bank Tavern rest stop

The Lower Bank Tavern rest stop Here is what the Lower Bank Tavern rest stop looks like.

Mike likes the jersey A father and son team. Cool! Hope they both keep coming back. Got to mention this. Mike loves the jersey they both are wearing.

Port Republic rest stop A couple of cyclist coming into the Port Republic rest stop at 9:22am. That bridge in the background is the Garden State Parkway.

A low riding bicycle Have to be good with balancing for sure. This photo taken from the Masonic Temple rest stop at 10:53am.

A bridge coming up A photo shot of the bridge all the MS bikers has to face with . . . . to cycle on in other words. Taken at 11:08am.

Mike on the bridge at 11:20am . . . A cool photo of Mike on the Route 152 bridge. The next bridge is just to the right of his hand. What you call island hopping. SMILE!!!

Still on the Route 152 bridge A few MS bikers huffing it up the Route 152 bridge.

Atlantic City Mike still on the route 152 bridge. The shot is of Atlantic City, NJ.

A closer view of the next bridge A closer view of the next bridge. From the Route 152 bridge. Look closer and you can see bikers going over the bridge.

Second day lunch Lunch is at the Ocean City Primary at 12:18pm.

Mike at second day lunch A photo of himself at the second day lunch. Ocean City Primary.

132.5 mile marker Mike is at the 132.5 mile marker. Which is lunch in Ocean City. Just started to shower out.

Sea Isle City At 1:23pm . . . Light rain at times. Mike took this shot of the Sea Isle city water tower.

A few bikers passing Mike A few bikers passing Mike in Sea Isle City. Mike is chilly and wet fro mthe light rain.

Pick up truck At 3:38pm . . . This is the MS pick up truck at the American Legion in Wildwood, NJ. Raining out and pretty chilly.

A cycling friend Mike did a surprise snap shot of his cycling friend. While waiting to be picked up by a bus for Cape May.

Photo of Cape May from the bus This shot was from inside of the bus at 4:18pm. That is the U.S. Coast Guard Station in Cape May, NJ. The haze in the sky is really a chilly rain.

Prepaing the bikes for packaging Took this shot form inside of the bus at the US Coast Guard Station in Cape May, NJ at 5:53pm. Mike quickly signed in, got his bagguage and food. Then jumped onto the bus.

sunset shot from the bus This photo was taken from inside of the bus 7:53pm. After a thunderstorm on the Garden State Parkway. On the way back to Monmouth University.

Mike, his bike and poster A photo of Mike with his bike and holding his poster. Mike raised $2,422.00 u.s. dollars for the MS Mid-Jersey Chspter.

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