New Jersey Metro Chapter Coast the Coast 170 Photos
(Updated June 4, 2009)

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BIKE MIKE 2009 Photo Page Three

       Welcome to the 2009 MS-170 Photo Page. You will see photos of Mike and photos from the "Coast the Coast" 170 mile bike tour. The photos you will see are from May 16 and 17, 2009. Hope you enjoy the photos on this page.
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Mike sleeping area Here we are once more. This is where Bike Mike is sleeping for the night. You have a choice to sleep on a wrestling mat in the gym with your sleeping bag, bring your own tent to sleep outside or have a lot of money to sleep in a hotel / motel on LBI island.

DJ Fred in da house Bike Mike sees DJ Fred every year like always. It is always great to see him. If you like to have him DJ event. Call the number listed on the photo.

Bike Mike and Jackie Jackson Bike Mike Dowd and Jackie Jackson posing in one of the building at the Tuckerton Seaport. Bike Mike Dowd is riding for her. Bike Mike is one of many MS cyclist putting a smile on her face. Helping raise a lot of money for Multiple Sclerosis. To hopefully find a cure one day.

MS bikers relazing and eating Couple of MS bikers relaxing at the Tuckerton Seaport eating dinner saturday evening.

Tuckerton Seaport lighthouse This is the wide shot of what the light house looks like at the Tuckerton Seaport in Tuckerton, NJ the evening of May 16, 2009 at 7:02pm.

Mike poses with the Tuckerton Seaport sign Here is Bike Mike posing with the Tuckerotn Seaport sign.

sleeping area in the gym Here is what the gym looks like. A lot of sleeping bags i nthe gym at 7:20pm.

Mike and the Wildcat sign Mike poses with the Wildcats sign that reads "Welcome Multiple Sclerosis Bikathon Cylists".

wet outside This was taken at 6:58am sunday, May 17th, 2009o

Inside of Pineland Regional Here what it looks like where the MS staff is in the Pineland Regional sunday morning.

parking lot for bikes Here is Mike's bicycle with all the others bicycles in the hallway.

Breakfast time Here is a photo of all the MS bikers having breakfast in the cafiteria.

Lower Bank Tavern Mike made it to the first rest stop at 8:33am. Light drizzle at the Lower Bank Tavern.

Lucky Bear getting involved Lucky Bear wanted to get in a shot at the Lower Bank Tavern rest stop.

Lucky Bear with bikers Another shot of Lucky Bear with MS bikers in the background at Lower Bank Tavern rest stop.

bikers in the rain A few MS bikers passing by the Lower Bank Tavern rest stop in the light rain.

splish - splash This photo is showing that it is raining out at Lower Bank Tavern rest stop.

Port Republic rest stop Mike made it to the Port Republic rest stop at 9:28am. The air is getting cooler and now plain rain with some breeze. Standing under a tent. Mike took this shot while shivering a bit. So that you know this. See the bridge near the top left of the photo. That is the Garden State Parkway.

another photo from Port Republic rest stop Another photo of bikers in the rain at the Port Republic rest stop.

Mike in the van Bike Mike is in the van trying to warm up. He took this shot of MS crew tying up bikes ontop of the Beacon bike shop van at 11:01am. He had a tough time like a lot of bikers. Chilly wind and rain. Some roads was getting bad with puddles. A lot of bikers had trouble and was shivering. A lot of bikers was sagged to lunch at Primary School in Ocean City.

Mike in the van Here is Mike in the van. Trying to warm up. Others bikers behind Mike trying to warm up and dry up.

lunch Here is lunch inside of the Primary School in Ocean City, NJ at 11:38am.

Lucky Bear eating Lucky Bear is eating Bike Mike's lunch.

Lycky Bear poses at lunch Lucky Bear posing for the camera at lunch.

Lucky Bear not blind Lucky Bear is standing next to Bike Mike fanny bag at 11:41am. By the way. Mike almost gave up. But continued on with the bike tour later on.

Mike and Lucky in Sea Isle City, NJ Mike and Lucky Bear in Sea Isle City, NJ at 2:00pm.

Lucky Beari n Avalon, NJ Lucky Bear made it with Mike to the Avalon rest stop in Avalon, NJ at 2:29pm.

Bike Mike in Avalon, NJ Mike's turn . . . . . Bike Mike posing for the camera at the Avalon Rec Center in Avalon, NJ.

MS bikers passing by Two MS bikers passing by the Avalon Rec Center rest stop at 2:30pm. How many guy cyclist rides on a pink like bicycle? smile! Guess he likes pink.

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