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 (Updated February 14, 2009)

       Welcome to the Sponsor / Help Page.
       Where people and businesses helped Mike continue on his quest. These are from the past and present. That helped him from a bicycle to continue cycling in two Multiple Sclerosis Bike Tours. To helping Mike with his website.
       Mike likes to know if you like to help in your own way.
       Click on each graphic. It will bring you to that website. Please be so kind and check out each website.
       Thank You very much to those that has helped Mike in the past and the present. You are all wonderful.
       SMILE Always ! ! !

       When Scott Swedorski from CoffeeCup contacted us about Mike and told us his incredible story we were so inspired by his achievements and his remarkable contributions to the community that we wanted to do all we could to support him. Lunarpages Web Hosting is incredibly proud and honored to be hosting Mike’s site!
       Mike would like to say thank you to lunarpages for wanting to give bikemikeworld a nice warm new home. The staff at lunarpages are awesome and helpful.
       If you need a nice warm home with lots of stuff in it. Please give a try.

Get CoffeeCup Web Design Software. Try before you buy!
 saw Big Mike's old website and was very heart felt and wanted to help. So CoffeeCup Inc donated HTML Editor and other helpful software to Mike. So that Mike can design a better website. Thanks CoffeeCup!! Your the coolest!!

Want a free guestbook! Come and get it!
 was kind and also wanted to help by having a ad free guestbook for Bike Mike. Mike thanks them very much from the bottom of his heart.

Micro Strategies located in Denville, NJ
       Bike Mike like to thank Micro Strategies for there awesome help and sponsor in the past and present. They are truely the best. The company sent Mike the biggest single pledge Mike has ever gotten as of May 2006. Also helped with Perfect Pitch HRD (Mike Pesci) by getting Big Mike a brand new IBM computer in October of 2003.
   “Micro Strategies is delighted to support Big Mike in his bike tours, especially knowing that all the pledges are donated to the local Multiple Sclerosis Chapter. The donations help support MS research, education programs, and family support, and we applaud Big Mike for both his training regimen and his dedication to this worthwhile cause.” Anthony Bongiovanni, President Anthony

Cycle Craft is a bike shop in Parsippany, NJ. Route 46 east
       Cycle Craft is the coolest bike shop!! They helped Mike Pesci from Perfect Pitch HRD in getting Bike Mike a brand new 2004 Cannondale Sport Road 1000. Was given to Mike during a cable tv interview in May of 2004. Also contributed a new Cateye Astrale 8 speedometer. When Mike wire mount broke in the last bike tour Mike did.

Perfect Pitch Homerun Derby is a fundrasier event
       Here is a great person. His name is Michael Pesci that started the Perfect Pitch Homerun Derby. Do not want to leave out his partner name Michael Nicosia. They are awesome guys. Caring and great two guys. Both Michael is my hero for sure.
       Go to the website to learn more about the Perfect Pitch HRD.
       Michael Pesci realized Big Mike needed a new bike. Perfect Pitch and Cycle Craft in Parsippany got the bike for Big Mike. Perfect Pitch and Cycle Craft split the cost of the bike.

Attilio's Tavern
       Attilio's Tavern (use to be Attilio's Kitchen) has a lot of great tasting food for sure. Even named a sandwhich and a steak after Big Mike only as specials. Everyone at Attilio's are wonderful.
       Michael Pesci from Perfect Pitch collected money for your computer then he asked Anthony from Micro Strategies if he could help. Micro Strategies/Anthony decided to take the $1,000 that Michael collected from customers at Attilio's Tavern and gave the money to Anthony. Anthony trippled the donation and bought the computer for Big Mike. Gino from Attilio's Tavern and Anthony from Micro Strategies delivered it and set it up for Big Mike. Now Anthony continues to upgrade and help Mike with the computer.

Bike Mike and owner Craig of Diamond Cycle in Montclair, NJ
       Diamond Cycle bike shop has helped Mike from the start. Big Mike went through two bikes from Diamond Cycles. For real now! If it was not for Diamond Cycles. Big Mike would not be in the Multiple Sclerosis bike tours. Thanks Diamond Cycles for helping Mike for about over ten years.

World Wide Gear! Need uniform for sports, company or business!
       Awesome jacket Mike got from World Wide Gear. World Wide Gear is really cool! They have helped two years with big pledges. Gotta love them. The folks at World Wide Gear are great. Does great job with uniforms and more.

Applegate Farm is a ice cream parlor that been running since 1884. Fresh ice cream!!
       Applegate Farm been running since 1848. Original location is located on Grove Street in Upper Montclair, NJ. Gotta try!! They have helped with a big pledge towards Big Mike's ride in the MS bike tour. Thank You Applegate! So please support Applegate Farm by buying ice cream from Applegate Farm.

KID'swap! is like a clothing store for kids! Including Beanie Babies!
       Bike Mike friend and his wife owns a store that sells clothes and things for kids. They are a supporter of Bike Mike. Thanks for supporting and pledging!

Big Mike friends at CNBC pledged! Look for CNBC cable station in your area!
       Bike Mike friend and his friends has pledged big time and also supports Mike in collecting money for Multiple Sclerosis. Heads up to those that pledged. You folks that are a friend of Mike are awesome!!

Check out the Montclair Bikery bike shop! Cool place. Cool workers and nice bikes!
       How Mike got invloved with this bike shop? All started when he was doing a Lance Armstrong Rub-off Contest. Found out the closest bike shop selling the rub-off card was in Montclair, NJ. They have helped Mike with keeping his bike tuned for MS bike tours since. The owner amd manager there is a great guy. So are the rest of the staff. The bike shop has a bike racing team. So he thank the bike shop for helping him keep his bike tuned up for the past two MS bike tours. The bike shop now volunteers by helping rider in the Greater North Jersey Chapter bike tour. Thanks for the support!

Belleville Fire Department FMBA #29 is awesome!!
       Time to make this guy blush. Would like to say thank you to Scott W. from the local Belleville Fire Department. He gave Mike the coolest christmas and birthday gift. Got Mike a domain name Plus Scott gave Mike 1 giga bytes of storage to use for a couple of months. So that Mike can make his website really nice and better then ever. He mainly gave Mike the doamin name and storage to keep his website going for years to come. About Multiple Sclerosis bike tours he does, Perfect Pitch Homerun Derby, about his chance of carrying the 2002 Olympic torch and other charity and events.
       Also like to thank the FMBA #29 for helping Big Mike all these years with them big pledges. "Thank You from the bottom of my heart", Mike says!! Mike salutes you all!

Memory of Belleville Police Officer Ken Santucci
Will never forget Sept. 11, 2001
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