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"Big Mike's Tree Photo Pages"

Mike photo of the tree he got from the Frantantoni Family over 15 years ago. Here is a photo of Bike Mike's tree. Just got the tree from his friend. The Frantantoni Family was growing baby trees in there backyard at the time. Gave one to Mike to keep back in 1995.

Here is Mike's one of two young tree. What it looks likewhen it was little Here is a photo of when the tree was growing. Notice the tree is now in a white bucket. Needed a bigger bucket to grow. Help from Vinnie to transplant the tree into the white bucket. This photo was taken one year after the first photo above.

Mike ten year old tree The tree you see is the tree that Mike has been caring for 10 years. The tree was given to Mike by his long time friend Vinnie. A former commissioner of Belleville back in the days. The tree ten years ago was only 2 inches tall. Now the tree is currently about 15 foot tall. Struggled to grow in a toy green bucket by his porch. The last two years. Had problem growing to squirrels biting on the branches during the cold season.

Mike with tree . .. before loading to truck Mike and his ten year old tree. Just before moving the tree to the back of the truck.

final stand with his tree Mike taking one last photo with his tree at his home. Before it is loaded on the truck and tied.

Friend Lisa ties tree in truck Here is Lisa and one of Mike's friend roping the tree to the back of the truck. Getting it ready for the trip to Denville, NJ.

Mike's tree going for a ride Lisa is driving a bit slower then normal. So none of the leaves falls off. Half way to Denville at this point on May 27th, 2006.

Park crew un tie the tree from truck Mike's tree is getting un-tied. Getting ready for the trip to the hole in the ground at Gardener Field in Denville, NJ. It is about 11:30am on May 27, 2006.

Mike cuts bucket from tree Mike saw one of the park crew with a saw. Mike decided to cut the green bucket from the tree himself. Because he was the one that grew the tree the past ten years.

Mike and Denville Park Crew Mike with the a great bunch of guys of the Denville Park Crew. Thanks guys for planting the tree.

Mike with council and park crew Mike is with Mayor Feyl, the Denville staff and the Denville park crew. A nice bunch!

Big Mike with Denville Mayor Feyl The mayor of Denville gave Mike a gold plated Denville pin. Mike wore it all day on May 27th, 2006. The mayor of Denville thanks Mike for donating the tree to Denville.

F.M. and Mike with the tree Had to throw this one in the page. Mike with a good friend F.M.. Thanks for the cool photos you took of the tree ceremony.

Big Mike with HRD banner in background Mike standing high with his 15 foot tree. Everyone else in the background. Holding the Perfect Pitch Home Run Derby June 4, 2006 banner in the back.

Ellen puts on a Denville pin on Mike's shirt Ellen S. put a gold plated Denville pin on Mike's white shirt. Sort of like getting the key to Denville. SMILE!

Here is the tree planted at Gardener Field in Denville, NJ Well, the tree is planted for the first time in ten years. Hope this tree grows really big and beautiful for years to come. Become a shade on hot days. Maybe a picnic table under the tree. Mike loves this tree.

Bike Mike's Day in Denville Mike and Brain at Attilio's Kitchen in Denville. Located at 278 Diamond Spring Road in Denville, NJ. It is Big Mike Day in Denville, NJ.

Torch pizza for Big Mike How you like your pizza? Here is a special pie in honor of Big Mike. A torch pie for Mike on May 27, 2006. This was at Attilio's Kitchen in Denville.

Mike new tree for 3 to 5 years Denville has given Mike a beautiful new tree. A Japanese Maple tree. A Tamkeama Cutleaf Japanese Maple. It was presented to Mike at the June 4, 2006 Perfect Pitch Home Run Derby at Gardener Field in Denville. Then Mike and his friend Leo got the tree on June 5th and brought it home to Mike's place. Mike will take care of this wonderful tree for 3 to 5 years. Then donate it back to Denville. Mike plans on getting a bigger and nicer pot for the tree.

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