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"Big Mike's Tree Photo Pages"

Mike halfway to Denville Photo taken May 27, 2008. Mike cycled halfway to Denville, NJ. Here is a photo of Mike at a historic Montville School. Just off Route 202. Photo taken by his friend Bert. Which watched over him since the Morris County and Essex County line on Horseneck Road.

Photo taken 5-27-08. Mike took this photo of the historic Montville School This is where Mike has a 15 minute rest stop on his ride to Denville every year.

At a cross road Photo taken 5-27-08. Mike is now three quarters of the way to Denville. Big difference between a city look to the country look.

Photo taken 5-27-08. Mike took a photo of himself at the intersection Photo taken on 5-27-08. A nice view from all sides. Mike takes a photo of himself. He is in farm country. Before heading south on Rockaway Valley Road.

Rockaway Valley Road view Photo taken on 5-27-08. A view of the road Mike is traveling on. Rockaway Valley Road. Which changes to Diamond Spring Road in Denville.

Another photo of Mike Photo taken on 5-27-08. Another awesome photo of Mike at another farm up the road.

A road Mike wants to cycle on Photo taken on 5-27-08. This sign means a lot to Mike. This road leads to a place Mike always wanted to ride his bike to. One day he will.

Mike and Delville officer Photo 5-27-08. Mike is hanging with the Denville police officer that escorted him from the Denville border to Gardener Field. Standing next to the awesome tree that Mike use to take care of. Thanks!

first random photo of the awesome tree Photo on 5-27-08. First random photo shot of the awesome Big Mike tree. As you noticed from page one. The tree is more open. Not up near the building like you saw on page one.

random tree shot two Photo on 5-27-08. Second random photo of the awesome Big Mike tree at Gardener Field. See the red, white and blue star bow on the tree. Mike plans on putting something different each year on the tree.

Bike Mike and his awesome tree Photo on 5-27-08. Mike standing with his favorite bike next to his favorite tree.

smiling Mike and his tree Photo on 5-27-08. Closer view of Mike with his awesome tree.

Mike and Bert Photo on 5-27-08. Introducing Bike Mike, The awesome tree and a good friend name Bert. The one that watched over Mike since the Morris County border. Thanks!!

Bert helped Mike with star bow Photo on 5-27-08. Bert helps Mike putting star bow onto the tree.

Big Mike and Lisa Photo on 5-27-08. Lisa was the one that helped trainposrt the tree to Denville on May 27, 2006. So she had to get a photo with Big mike and his tree.

Big Mike and the Don Larsen plaque Photo on 5-27-08. Here is Mike standing next to the Don Larsen Press Box at Gardenr Field in Denville, NJ. Across from the tree.

Big Mike and the mayor of Dover, NJ. Stated in June of 2008. Mayor of Dover says he will try and get Mike police escort from Belleville to Denville and to Dover, NJ on May 27, 2009.

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Memory of Belleville Police Officer Ken Santucci
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