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Big Mike Dowd's
Olympic Torch Run!!

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   On a cold Sunday morning, December 23, 2001, the day that Big Mike Dowd of Belleville waited for so long finally arrived!  Waking up before dawn, (and probably not able to sleep the night before) Big Mike suited up and prepared for his Olympic Torch Run.

   While he wished it could be in New Jersey, and especially in Belleville, the torch route was changed from Central NJ to Staten Island.  There, he was scheduled to carry the flame on Victory Boulevard.  Big Mike got us all up early, and could not wait to arrive in Staten Island!

   Once we all arrived there, Mike introduced himself to everyone and made many friends while waiting for the Torch Run committee to arrange the day's events.  He met torch bearers from all over New Jersey who were nominated just like him to carry the Olympic flame.  He also made friends with the Committee members, who were from all parts of the country, helping escort the runners and the flame to Salt Lake City, Utah for the February 2002 Winter Olympics.


Big Mike is all suited up and waiting for the day to begin as he
poses next to one of the Olympic Shuttle buses for the torchbearers.

When they displayed a sample torch, who do you think was one
of the first people to get his hands on it and pose for a picture??
(the smile gets bigger!)

Big Mike poses with Ms. Marilyn McCabe

Mike, are you kissing that torch???  It's a good thing it wasn't that cold out!
(He waited so long for the Torch Run day to arrive)

Big Mike poses with Phyillis and Vincent Frantantoni, good friends of Mike
who came out from Belleville to support him at his run in Staten Island.

One more final pose before he's off to the shuttle bus


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Memory of Belleville Police Officer Ken Santucci
Will never forget Sept. 11, 2001
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