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Big Mike Dowd's Olympic
Torch Run!!

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   After a briefing at the assembly site, all the Torch Bearers climbed aboard shuttle buses and departed to meet up with the torch relay as it crossed Staten Island.  We arrived at the starting point along Victory Boulevard in anticipation for Big Mike's run.  Mike would run 2/10's of a mile from Victory Boulevard and turn left up on Bay Street along the waterfront.

The Olympic Run on Victory Boulevard drew the attention of nearby
FDNY Engine 153 and Ladder 77, who parked right at Big Mike's
starting point and greeted him as he began his run.

The official marker that designated where Big Mike was to start his
Torch Run at Victory Boulevard and St. Mark's Place along the north shore.

The "Big Mike Fan Club" of Vincent and Phyillis Frantantoni speak to
a reporter from the Staten Island Advance while Mike's Mom looks on.

The Torch Run was preceeded by a NYPD police motorcade

The shuttle bus pulls up and guess who's coming out??

Big Mike emerges from the shuttle bus with a smile a mile wide!


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Memory of Belleville Police Officer Ken Santucci
Will never forget Sept. 11, 2001
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