This page was created by Scott Wentworth in 2002 and
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Big Mike Dowd's
OlympicTorch Run!!

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   The moment was finally here!  Everyone was excited and proud to see Mike representing one of the Olympic torch bearers for the 2002 Winter Games.  Here's a few pictures of his run, and well we could have had some more, but he outran us all!!  Thank goodness he wasn't on his bike, or we would have never seen him!  Mike did great, and kept pace right up the hill, and I'm sure he would have kept on running had no one stopped him for the next relay.  He was that excited and honored!

Mike gets some last minute instructions from one of the Olympic Torch Run
motorcyclists before he receives the transfer of the Olympic flame.

The handoff goes smoothly and Big Mike receives the Olympic flame
and prepares for his leg of the journey.

And he's off!!  And running!  Escorted by motorcycles and a support runner,
Big Mike begins his run, carrying the Olympic flame down Victory Boulevard.

While his face may be hidden by the torch, we can see that smile!!

Big Mike finishes his run and hands off the Olympic flame to the next torchbearer.

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Memory of Belleville Police Officer Ken Santucci
Will never forget Sept. 11, 2001
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